We create that magical childhood with our collection of sturdy engineered furniture, comfortable bedding, decor accessories plus unique toys to help you create the perfect environment for your children. Our mission is to bring quality children’s furniture we would have loved to have when we were kids. All of our products adhere to the highest quality and international safety standards. We have built our company on the reputation of our products.

Who We Are?

Kids are the most adorable creation of God, don’t you agree? Here at Kids Décor Factory is our inspiration behind everything we do! We are the ultimate furniture and Kid's room décor that needs to be on your bucket list if you are thinking about having kids or re-doing your kid's room. From nursery to bedroom to playroom, we have got you covered when it comes to anything 'Kids'! Our chic and contemporary furniture for kids, exceptional Kid's décor, playpens and playhouses, to extraordinary toys to baby and Kids accessories, and even outdoor equipment, you name it, and we have it!

Our Passion

We think a kid’s room must be just as beautiful and stylish as the kids today. Plus, it should be personal to each kid and their interests as they would be spending the most important stage of their life in it. For that matter, we pay special heed while designing their furniture and décor, and bring you everything you might need to make their lives happening and colourful.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance you and your beloved kids’ lives by providing them with an environment in which they can blossom. Our well-engineered, extremely functional yet stylish kid's furniture, toys, and products available at reasonable prices are sure to take your kid's room décor and ambience up many notches. We bring the best quality products as we believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Commitment

Every parent is dedicated to bringing the best things in their kids' lives, and Balance Buddy is committed to assisting today's parent's set up the best rooms for their kids. We also bring safe and sound toy collections, playpens, playhouses, outdoor equipment, and kid’s accessories of all types. Our collaborations and collections revolve around comfort and aesthetics, are crafted with the best material, and love for the lovely little hearts. We add that special touch by personalizing your kid's stuff for them! 


Why Us

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