What is a balance bike?

by Fallon Leer
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What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is a two-wheeled bike that does not have pedals or brakes!

A balance bike is specifically designed to teach kids as young as 18 months old to
balance on two wheels. But, not all balance bikes are made equal. There are a few things to consider when buying a balance bike and choosing a design that best suits your child is the key.

It doesn’t take long for toddlers to grasp the concept of using a balance bike. Very
quickly, toddlers and kids learn to ride, jump and glide along on their bikes with no assistance from their parents! Balance bikes are a replacement for tricycles and using training wheels. Balance bikes are designed for under five year olds at a time when they would typically ride a tricycle or use training wheels. Children that learn to ride on balance bikes are equipped with the confidence and skills to transition to a pedal bike with ease.

With the skills learned from a balance bike, riders as young a 3 years old can
make the transition to a regular kids bike without the assistance of parents holding onto the child or even using training wheels. Balance bikes are easy for children to ride because the child has full control, using their feet to adjust the speed and braking, gliding over uneven surfaces, rocks, dirt, curbs and even jumps is a breeze!

Established in 2015, Balance Buddy soon became a hot favorite for aussie kids.
Available at Kidstuff and other leading toy stores Australia wide, Balance Buddy has proven itself as a must-have item for children learning to ride a bike for the first time.

It is so popular that many childcare centres have five or more Balance Buddy bikes for their children to utilize during outdoor playtime. It is so important that children learn to ride a balance bike as it allows them to develop essential gross motor skills from such a young age. By comparison, many kids that are not given the opportunity to learn on a balance bike endure stress and anxiety when trying to ride a pedal bike.

It is rewarding seeing so many children benefit from their Balance Buddy bike. We love hearing how your little one loves their balance bike and the feedback has been amazing. Our recent poll on what colours you would like Balance Buddy to launch in 2017 revealed that Purple, Pink and Blue? are the winners. We are looking forward to launching three new colours this year and hope that you are as excited as we are!

To pre-order your bike in the new colours jump online now! If you cannot wait
we have 4 fun colours ready to ship!

by Fallon Leer


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