Put your thinking cap on!

by Fallon Leer
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Put your thinking cap on!
Are you thinking about getting a balance bike for your toddler, preschooler or child that hasn’t learnt to ride a bike yet? Learning to ride a bike is so important in assisting your child to develop balance and coordination skills. It’s also a popular way to exercise or travel. This may be the right time to put your thinking cap on and do a little research to help you decide which bike is suitable for your child. These days the vast majority of children learn to ride a balance bike before transitioning to a pedal bike.
What’s the difference between a balance bike and a pedal bike? Well balance bikes are designed without pedals to enable your child to learn how to balance and steer first. Then when they are ready to transition to a pedal bike they can skip the training wheels all together.
Here are some key points to consider before purchasing a balance bike:
  • If you can’t fit the balance bike in-store or you prefer ordering online, make sure that you measure your child’s height and inseam right before ordering. Don’t use measurements from their last doctor’s appointment as they grow faster than you think!

  • Look for a balance bike like Balance Buddy that is fully adjustable and will last from 18 months through to 5 years old or 28 kgs. Look for an adjustable handlebar and seat height so that the bike can grow with your child.

  • Not all balance bikes are built the same. Balance Buddy is made from non-toxic rubber and plastic, it is made to the highest quality and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame. Look for a bike that comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about your child jumping on it, throwing it around or getting it dirty!

  • Our Balance Buddy bikes are super durable and built to outgrow your child, making it an ideal choice to pass onto siblings or friends. Look for a quality balance bike that isn’t made from wood or metal that is known to rust, splinter and fall apart with use.  

  •  A balance bike should be fun, look for a bike that needs minimal maintenance. Balance Buddy bikes are easy to care for, there is no maintenance required other than replacing the tyres when your child has done some serious mileage!

  • Look for a brand that offers spare parts at affordable prices. Balance Buddy bike parts are available to order online at the lowest cost possible. We want your balance bike to continue to service your child, that’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 12 month warranty on the parts.

  • In keeping with the fun factor, Balance Buddy prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service. We respond quickly to assist you via email or over the phone from our Sydney based office. Look for a balance bike brand or retailer that is genuinely committed to good customer relations.

  • When you balance bike arrives, open the box and check that all parts are there and that it isn’t damaged in anyway. At Balance Buddy we adhere to a strict quality control program and although rare, if you need any assistance at all we are quick and responsive to resolve any issues that you may have.

  • Read the “How To Assemble” instructions carefully! Sounds simple enough, but if you assemble the bike incorrectly then your child’s safety may be compromised. Balance Buddy provides a guide on how to assemble, along with the bike and the tools required to put it together. We also publish a step-by-step guide with images here> and are here to assist you during normal business hours.

  • Last of all, but most importantly look for a balance bike that comes in several colours! Balance Buddy has 4 fun colours to choose from and we are bringing out 3 new colours this year. Contact us now to pre-order your Purple, Pink or Blue Balance Buddy bike now!

If you need any help in choosing the right bike for your child, we are here to help either via email ( or over the phone +61 02 8046 4874 Shop Online Now
    by Fallon Leer


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